Our Achievements

International Collaborations

In its short existence, the CIFM has become the focal point for insurance education in Nigeria. International organizations desirous of developing manpower as part of their market development initiatives for the NII have been collaborating with the College in this regard.

These organisations includes the  Chartered Insurance Institute CII UK , Impact Insurance Facility of the ILO and the GIZ a German trade facilitation agency partnering in the development of human resources and skills in Microinsurance. Similarly, the College is working with Actuaries Without Borders (AWB), Nigerian Actuarial Association and Actuarial Science for Africa to organise strategic training programmes for the development of indigenous actuarial skills. The College is also working in partnership with the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and Nigeria Insurer’s Association (NIA)  on the project to increase employment within the Nigerian Insurance Industry.

Furthermore, the College plays a critical role in the CIIN’s insurance education initiatives which involves donating textbooks to public secondary schools in various states in the country. Wherever these text books have been donated the College follows up with a free ‘train the trainers’ workshop for insurance teachers to enlighten them about insurance not only as a subject but also as a profession and a tool for economic development in the economy.